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Selected Works

Here is a small curated gallery to illustrate my various working styles and to display the types of pieces I've completed.
To see a more complete portfolio, including peaks into my progress, personal projects, studio, and inspirations, consider subscribing to my Patreon.

TRADITIONAL - Charcoal, ink, colored pencil, paint

CYBER ARMY - Collection of the popular Cyber Portraits

DIGITAL - Portraits, edits, sketches, tattoo designs, etc.

GRAPHIC DESIGN - Logos, templates, overlays, icons, etc.

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Artist, scientist, and dabbler in all things creative - I don't know what to call that.I like to explore new styles, new mediums, and new techniques - adapting my skills to fit with any project I take on. My studies and jobs in spectroscopy, particle physics, and chemistry have greatly inspired some of my approach to using color, along with equipping me with the knowledge to engineer and test different ideas.I specialize in human and animal portraiture in both traditional and digital mediums. For my personal work, I aim for darker aesthetics with technical flair. On the other hand, my commission work can range from colorful and scenic pet portraits, digestible scientific models, and architectural inks, to full social media themes, Twitch overlays and emotes, and show graphics.Though I'm proficient with charcoal, graphite, and ink, I'm currently experimenting with acrylic and oil paints, spray paint/street art, woodworking, electronics, animated graphic design, and live show production.

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All of my social media links are below.For collaborations, questions, or anything else that may be haunting you, contact me via email:


You can use this form to submit a request for a commission or a custom print of an existing artwork:

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As I develop more ideas and as I'm able to create and manufacture them, I will update this page with new items, merchandise, original pieces, and checkout system. Stay tuned.Feel free to contact me for custom prints and products!

Canvas Print - The Basílica de la Sagrada Família (x 1) + USPS First Class Shipping

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